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The Security Skills as a Service concept combines an automated SaaS platform with global offensive security talent, providing real-time penetration testing results to organizations to make informed cyber risk decisions.

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Don't Leave Your Cybersecurity to Chance in 2023

  • Penetration testing saw significant advancements in 2022. Watch this space for more details about these developments and get a jump on protecting your business in 2023.
  • Many C-Level executives are anticipating challenges in the realm of cybersecurity, particularly in light of the economic downturn that is expected to impact the global economy. We have the solution.

Access to an Elite Pentesting Team That Operates Like an In-House Team

  • We focus on results that have a real impact on your bottom line.
  • Meet your SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, CCPA, GDPR compliance needs with our comprehensive reports.
  • Security Skills as a Service concept adapts as your organization grows, providing you with customized offensive tooling that aligns with your evolving needs.




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*Note: To explore your options for edge cases such as new release testing or delta testing, reach out to our team today. We have options.

*Note: To explore your options for edge cases such as new release testing or delta testing, reach out to our team today. We have options.

*Note: To explore your options for edge cases such as new release testing or delta testing, reach out to our team today. We have options.

*Note: To explore your options for edge cases such as new release testing or delta testing, reach out to our team today. We have options.

*Note: To explore your options for edge cases such as new release testing or delta testing, reach out to our team today. We have options.

Your Benefits with Security Skills as a Service

  • Consistent issue reporting through a predefined vulnerabilies database
  • Customized security testing playbooks for every assets type
  • Scalable project-specific testing teams
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  • Highly skilled testing teams focused on reporting impactful findings
  • Cutting-edge pentesting reports compliant with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, or GDPR regulatory needs
  • A self-service workflow built for efficiency
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  • Guided steps make it easy to follow
  • Wizard that makes it simple to set up
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  • Slack integration for realtime communication
  • Highly specialized security testing team
  • Committed support during all the engagement stages
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  • Best breadth of findings
  • Security Consulting hours included
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  • Easy access to organization security program metrics
  • Granular insights into each project results
  • On-demand customized data analytics view for each organization
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Security Skills as a Service | Benefits

What Others Are Saying

Testimonials background Ray Espinoza - CISO | Inspectiv,com Falk Wolsky | CPO NEWWORK SOFTWARE GmbH Arti Raman | CEO

"Their delivery and work ethic was impeccable, and they were excellent about taking feedback along the way to refine the deliverable. The work was high quality and completed on schedule.

I intend to work with them again and would not hesitate to recommend them to any enterprise with pen testing needs."

Arti Raman


"I was impressed at how they managed to find high severity issues in our platform."

Julio Cezar Fort

Partner & Director,

"The Service was good and the documentation very good. It was a joy to work with you."

Falk Wolsky

CPO, Newwork Software GMBH

"Dragos and his team were amazing. I can't recommend them enough."

Andy Mowat


"We are very satisfied with the work provided!"

Martin Cozzi


"I highly recommend them for your security testing needs."

Ray Espinoza


Pentesting Workflows Designed for Modern Businesses


Together we gather the details and plan your security assessment through an-easy-to follow visual wizard.


Start to collaborate with the testing team, receive real-time insights about the work carried out, and issues found.


Acknowledge and take immediate action, remediate findings, and retest issues reported confirming the fix.


Execute analysis as the issues are submitted to the platform. Pinpoint the root cause and craft a plan to prevent future deviations.


Empower stakeholders to make informed decisions with a clear and concise comprehensive report, accessible at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Security Skills as a Service?

Security Skills as a Service is a platform that brings together global offensive security talent with a smart automation. This enables us to provide organizations with actionable insights about their current attack surface exposure and impactful security gaps, which allows them to make informed and time-sensitive cyber risk decisions.

How is Security Skills as a Service model different?

Penetration testing is a difficult business, and it is even harder when conducted using global resources. This requires hard work, strong knowledge of the people, market, and unique playbooks, as well as trust. The Pentest as a Service model is broken, and we are fixing it with a focused, adaptive, and high-quality results approach.

How the testers are selected?

Our acceptance policy is highly selective. A candidate undergoes a selection process that includes a behavioral analysis interview, skill test, background checks, etc. We believe this is a fair approach, compared with other similar services practicing a semi or open gate policy.

Who are the pentesters/security engineers?

We are a global company, which means that our vetted resources are located all over the world. This allows us to quickly schedule a penetration test and get you access to specialized testing teams utilizing the follow-the-sun concept. Quality delivery and a reasonable price for the services provided are also important status quo factors we always take into consideration.

What is the experience level of the testing members?

Members of the Syn Cubes global network have proven track records in security engineering, professional penetration testing, and IT security consulting field. All of our members have at least seven years' experience and an OSCP certification or equivalent.

Can I use your pentest reports for my sales process?

Yes, you may use our pentest reports demonstrating that you take security seriously. Our reports come in different detail levels, for example, an attestation-style report or a full report with all finding details. Therefore, you can decide how much information to share with your customers.

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