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Empower your cybersecurity strategy with Security Skills as a Service, a proficient blend of SaaS automation and global offensive security talent.

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Don't Leave Your Cybersecurity to Chance in 2023

  • In a digital world where threats evolve daily, businesses are in a constant race to stay one step ahead. 2022 saw a seismic shift in penetration testing, and with 2023 bringing new challenges, it's more crucial than ever to be prepared.
  • Amidst these changes, Syn Cubes stands as a beacon, offering a blend of SaaS automation and global offensive security talent to safeguard your assets.

Our Capabilities

Web / API Pentesting
iOS / Android Pentesting
IoT Devices Security Testing
Red Team
Comprehensive Adversarial Emulation
Machine Learning Security Testing

Why Choose Syn Cubes

With our unique blend of SaaS automation and a US-backed global talent pool of elite pentesters, we offer comprehensive security assessments tailored to your needs. From Web/API Pentesting to Machine Learning Security Testing, our diverse capabilities ensure you're covered.

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*Note: For any cases that are not listed, please contact us to explore your options. We can cater a wide range of testing requirements.

*Note: For any cases that are not listed, please contact us to explore your options. We can cater a wide range of testing requirements.

*Note: For any cases that are not listed, please contact us to explore your options. We can cater a wide range of testing requirements.

*Note: For any cases that are not listed, please contact us to explore your options. We can cater a wide range of testing requirements.

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Optimized for Added Value

Just as our adversaries are fluid and adaptive in their tactics, so are we. Our services extend beyond merely identifying vulnerabilities.

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Pentesting Workflows Designed for Modern Businesses

Harness custom pentesting workflows, and benefit from a mixture of efficiency and comprehensiveness.



In collaboration, we assemble the specifics and orchestrate your security evaluation using an intuitive, user-friendly visual guide.


Initiate a partnership with our expert testing team, gaining live updates on their progress and any vulnerabilities identified.


Recognize and promptly address any issues found, ensuring remediation and retesting to confirm successful fixes.



Engage in thorough analysis as issues are logged into the platform. Identify the core cause and devise a strategic plan to avert future discrepancies.


Enable decision-makers to act with confidence through transparent and succinct comprehensive reports, available round-the-clock.


Re-engage with the testing process to ensure the efficacy of implemented solutions, reinforcing your system's defenses through continual evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Security Skills as a Service?

Security Skills as a Service is a platform that brings together global offensive security talent with a smart automation. This enables us to provide organizations with actionable insights about their current attack surface exposure and impactful security gaps, which allows them to make informed and time-sensitive cyber risk decisions.

How is Security Skills as a Service model different?

Penetration testing is a difficult business, and it is even harder when conducted using global resources. This requires hard work, strong knowledge of the people, market, and unique playbooks, as well as trust. The Pentest as a Service model is broken, and we are fixing it with a focused, adaptive, and high-quality results approach.

How the testers are selected?

Our acceptance policy is highly selective. A candidate undergoes a selection process that includes a behavioral analysis interview, skill test, background checks, etc. We believe this is a fair approach, compared with other similar services practicing a semi or open gate policy.

Who are the pentesters/security engineers?

We are a global company, which means that our vetted resources are located all over the world. This allows us to quickly schedule a penetration test and get you access to specialized testing teams utilizing the follow-the-sun concept. Quality delivery and a reasonable price for the services provided are also important status quo factors we always take into consideration.

What is the experience level of the testing members?

Members of the Syn Cubes global network have proven track records in security engineering, professional penetration testing, and IT security consulting field. All of our members have at least seven years' experience and an OSCP certification or equivalent.

Can I use your pentest reports for my sales process?

Yes, you may use our pentest reports demonstrating that you take security seriously. Our reports come in different detail levels, for example, an attestation-style report or a full report with all finding details. Therefore, you can decide how much information to share with your customers.

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