Meet Helios: Revolutionaizing Offensive Security Collaboration for the Modern Era

Premium Penetration Testing as a Service Company, Syn Cubes revolutionizes cybersecurity defenses with the launch of Helios, the innovative Offensive Security Collaborative Platform.

Helios addresses the high bar collaboration, security, and software engineering innovation expectations of organizations in the age of IoT, Robotics, Cloud, and AI-driven data economies.

Dragos Stanescu - May 16, 2024
Meet Helios: Revolutionaizing Offensive Security Collaboration for the Modern Era

Helios: The Power of Collaboration

In ancient Greek cosmology, Helios was believed to ride his chariot across the sky each day, bringing light and heat to the world.

While many platforms focus on replicating existing concepts, Helios stands out by combining the best of software engineering, usability, and security in a unique way.

Helios is the complete solution for offensive security with the following offerings

1. Simplified Management for Pentest Vendors, MSPs, and MSSPs: Manage penetration testing, red teaming, security consultancy, and more for your clients with ease.

2. Unparalleled Security for Sensitive Data: Deploy Helios privately within your own network for maximum control and compliance. Leverage BYOK (bring your own encryption key) for complete data security.

3. Customizable Reporting: Generate tailored reports with our powerful Rust-based module.

Key Features of Helios

1. Single Pane of Glass Visibility: Gain real-time insights into distilled threat intelligence signals, analytics, assets, automated workflows, notifications, and more from a single, unified interface.

2. Self-Service API: Helios was built on the concept of 'greenfield'. Integrate seamlessly and communicate with any other platforms that have an API connector.

3. Third-Party Tool Integration: Import data from your preferred security solutions for a holistic view of your security posture.

4. Predefined Issues Writeup Library: Save time and ensure consistency with pre-defined, customizable issue write-ups.

5. Hybrid Tenant Model: Deploy Helios on-premises or in the cloud for ultimate flexibility based on your security needs.

6. AI-Ready Infrastructure: Future-proof your security strategy with an AI-ready platform designed to integrate seamlessly with emerging security technologies.

7. Vulnerability Prioritization Frameworks: Utilize the latest CVSS 4.0 and DREAD scoring methodologies for comprehensive risk assessment and prioritization.

about syn cubes

At Syn Cubes, our mission transcends offering top-tier offensive security services, like AppSec, IoT, Robotics, Cloud Red Teaming, and many more with results that go beyond the obvious. As technology evolves, so do we.

For a deeper understanding or to discuss potential collaborations, feel free to reach out to us.

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