Security Skills as a Service

Unlock real-time penetration testing results & take informed cyber risk decisions.

Security Skills as a Service Concept

The Why

Security skills shortages combined with ambiguous or inconsistent vulnerability severity ratings negatively impact any company's security posture, making it difficult to prioritize remediation efforts or keep up with the latest cybersecurity developments, exposing it to new and emerging threats.

Benefits of Security Skills as a Service

  • Known for added value by providing access to a wider pool of expertise, from Offensive Security to Cloud Security Architecture review.
  • Provides access to a virtually unlimited range of tools and techniques for penetration testing, that helps to identify more vulnerabilities.
  • Emphasis is on providing practical and actionable advice.
  • Combines multicultural and multilingual skills which makes it easy to adapt to any types of clients, and provides more specific knowledge for every customer's need.

The What

Security Skills as a Service is a specialized offering that provides businesses with the expertise they need to protect their sensitive data and infrastructure.

This service delivers highly focused and tailored security testing and consultancy solutions designed to meet the specific needs for organizations of any size.

Security Skills as a Service Explained

  • Emphasis is on providing practical and actionable advice, rather than a broad and general overview of security concepts.
  • Known for cutting out unnecessary or less important information, providing more specific knowledge for every customer's need.
  • Efficient and cost-effective way for organizations to benefit from the latest security knowledge, tools and best practices, without having to invest in expensive training or hiring specialized staff.

The How

There are no shortcuts or magic tricks, only a straightforward and proven methodology.

Security Skills as a Service Playbook

  • An easy-to-use visual wizard guides you through the process of gathering the details and planning your security assessment. Together, we'll step-by-step identify the most critical areas of your organization's security.
  • Engangement is listed on the Syn Cubes platform. The platform is designed to connect you with the suitable skilled professional penetration testers who will apply to participate in your program.
  • As soon as the security assessment starts, our platform will deliver real-time insights, allowing you to monitor and evaluate the results as they occur. In addition, you will have direct communication with the testing team.
  • Get your report. Upon completion, you will receive the final report as documentation of the assessment.


Don't miss out on the valuable insights and benefits our offensive model can provide.

Breakdown of features Security Skills as a Service Pentest as a Service Standard Pentest
SaaS Pentest Collaborative Platform
A software as a service (SaaS) based platform that enables organizations to conduct penetration testing (pentest) in a collaborative manner.
Air-gapped option
Feature allowing organizations to self-host the platform, and silo the data on their own infrastructure if required.
In progress
Integrations with well-known collaboration tools (e.g. Slack)
Integration feature that allows seamless collaboration between the testing teams and security program stakeholders.
Adaptive testing focus
Client pays for added value only. (Get in touch for more details)

Available on annual contracts only!
Automated reporting
Reporting feature that allows for various reports to be downloaded at the end of each engagement.
In progress
Compliance-Ready reports
Reports generated are compliant with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, CCPA, or GDPR regulatory needs.
In-house penetration testers
The service provider has in-house pentesting expertise that can engage and execute assessments, as part of a team or individually.
External professional contractors
Service provider employs top external professional contractors, but freelancers.
Analytics feature that allows stakeholders to visualize realtime insights about their current security posture.
Feature allowing various easy cross-platforms integrations.
In progress
Security Consultancy Services
Feature allowing to unlock the full potential of an organization with in-depth knowledge and specialized security engineering services.
Talent recruiting playbook
Details outlining vendor's vetting process during the hiring process.
Invite system only
Layered background check verification
Behavioral analysis interview
Custom vetting process
Open to apply
Background check verification
Skill test assessment
[Video interview]
Standard recruitment process
Modular offensive plugins
Feature allowing an organzation to map his current exposed attack surface.
In progress Possible
Price model
Pricing options available to fit organization needs.
Flexible Per Team Size Per Credits Volume Per Project

Be the adversary - attack first