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Syn Cubes - Inspectiv
Partnership Announcement

  • Syn Cubes, Inc., the company dedicated to eliminating underperformance from the current pentesting service market by combining top global offensive security talent with an automated smart SaaS platform, today announced it has closed a partnership with Inspectiv, Inc., one of the most visionary IT security companies, in a mission to create a platform that provides world-class vulnerability management intelligence designed specifically for agile security teams.

    “In light of the current challenging business environment, economic downturn, and other ongoing crises, a part of our focus at this moment in time is on teaming up with Inspectiv to add additional value to their current security offerings - we are proud to have this opportunity ahead of us.” said Dragos Stanescu, Co-Founder and CEO of Syn Cubes.

    The partnership will also allow Inspectiv to expand its portfolio and act as a one-stop security shop for clients that seek high-quality penetration testing for their compliance needs and beyond.

    About Syn Cubes

    Syn Cubes, is a company working to change the current underperformance status-quo that affects the pentesting services market. It was built by a team of former senior offensive security professionals who worked for companies like Secureworks, Vodafone, and many other US Top 50 Enterprises.

    They all worked together to define the Penetration Testing as a Service. The combination of the top global offensive security talent and the latest technology trends enables their deliverables to go well beyond simply detailing security gaps, making them the most cost-effective and results-oriented alternative to Pentesting as a Service, serving businesses of all sizes.

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